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The TF Soccer Podcast

Dec 13, 2023

Confused about whether your young soccer player should focus on the final score or the journey of improvement? Coach Taylor unravels the key differences between Outcome-Oriented and Process-Oriented approaches in this insightful podcast episode.


  • The impact of each approach on young players' motivation, confidence, and development.
  • Practical tips for balancing outcome goals with process-focused practice and training.
  • How to create a supportive environment that fosters both enjoyment and success on the field.

This episode is perfect for:

  • Youth soccer parents seeking guidance on fostering their child's love for the game.
  • Young soccer players striving to reach their full potential and build lasting skills.
  • Anyone searching for "soccer training near me" and looking to optimize their practice sessions.

Join this essential "soccer podcast" and empower yourself and your young athlete to navigate the world of youth soccer with clarity and confidence.

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